Our Services

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Trench, Inc. has all the necessary equipment to clear, stump, and haul vegetation from any sized site. Trench, Inc. can grind debris onsite for disposal in a variety of ways. We can tackle any clearing project from a small commercial development, to a large-scale development.

Trench, Inc. has timber harvesting accounts with a variety of mills, from Georgia Pacific and International Paper, that have been in place since the 1950’s built on strong working relationships.


Trench, Inc. has four dedicated grading crews built of professional who have been in the industry for decades. Trench, Inc. has over 200 pieces of equipment to complete any project. Our primary projects consist of 25+ acre sites with 200,000+ CY of dirt movement onsite, however our crews are very capable of completing small scale sites from commercial buildings to storage units.


With four trucks running in house, as well as subcontracted trucking agencies, we can haul anything from heavy equipment, clearing or demolition debris, or suitable/unsuitable/contaminated soils onto or off sites. Trench, Inc. has accounts with all local and specialty landfills and is capable of hauling whatever materials you may need.


With all required utility licenses and 11 pipe crews in house, Trench, Inc. can install storm sewer or sanitary sewer, as well as fire or domestic waterlines to your project. We have crews that specialize in all these areas as well as flexible crews capable of turnkey site utility installs by a single crew. We have experience installing any kind of underground detention system, from simple infiltration systems, chamber vaults to StormTank™ systems of any size. Trench, Inc. has installed countless sanitary sewer lines across the state, as well as force mains and pump stations in a variety of Georgia counties. We have good working relationships with all county inspectors and are well known for our reliable underground work.


Trench, Inc. has multiple crews dedicated to boring projects. We can handle any size, from 2” moles to 72” horizontal storm line bores at any percentage of fall. Our crews have years of experience and are very efficient and capable. We have extensive experience in road crossings, creek crossings and boring long distances.  We even have the ability to bore straight through rock, making all projects possible.


At Trench, Inc., we take environmental concerns seriously. All of our crews have experienced and certified erosion control specialists to ensure a safe and clean working environment. From blue card certificates to individual county training courses and requirements, we are sure to go above and beyond the required erosion control measures to prevent any runoff or disturbances to the ecosystems surrounding our projects.


Trench, Inc. has installed numerous underground storage facilities and sanitary sewer pump stations. From storage, electrical panels, backup generators and grinder pumps, we can do it all. Our team has capable electricians that have extensive experience in generator and panel installation for all types of pump stations. We can provide a turnkey pump station, including concrete pads and safety fences around the pump facility.


While we don’t have in house crews for concrete work, paving projects, or wall construction, Trench, Inc. has working relationships with several subcontractors who are professionals in the industry. Our subcontractors are licensed and insured for everyone’s safety. We find that most general contractors/developers prefer to have as few subcontracts as possible and Trench, Inc. can bundle these types of work into our own contract at competitive rates to help keep everything simplified from their perspective.